{06.20.12} Skin Care

    The product's creator Stuart Jolley was featured on the BBC's entrepreneurial show "Britain's Next Big Thing."
Test Lab

Wingman Wipes

The Promise

Wingman wipes (from $4, at Grooming Lounge) help to remove dirt, bacteria, excess oil and bad odors that can build up during the day—leaving you "feeling cool and refreshed."

The Trial

We tried the towelettes, which are larger and thicker than your average disposable wipe, on a few hot, humid days. They've got a fresh, clean smell and are designed to serve as a shower of sorts when you're not near water, so you can use them all over your body. But we mostly used them to wipe down sweaty brows, greasy faces and grubby necks and armpits.

The Results

Infused with aloe, ginseng and peppermint, they're definitely refreshing—and keeping them in your refrigerator packs a particularly cooling punch on muggy days. They're incredibly easy and quick, and don't leave you shiny or sticky. Which means they're an ideal way to freshen up before heading out from the office to a date or to rid skin of sand, salt and built up sunblock after a day at the beach.












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