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The Icy Gingham

The blue and white gingham shirt is a fail-safe option—a classic style that looks great on any guy. It's a shirt that can be worn with everything from white denim to wool trousers, from unlined khaki blazers to charcoal suits. And while appropriate anytime of the year, it looks particularly crisp during the warmer months. The key is finding the right one. We're particularly fond of this icy shade of light blue, from online men's shop Sir Jack's. It's tailored slim with side back pleats for ease of movement and is finished with a spread collar and natural trocas shell buttons. It's made in America from a smooth, breathable lightweight cotton. But perhaps even more valuable, the subtle check pattern looks cool and renders sweat stains imperceptible—which is what you want on your back when it's ninety degrees in the shade.

$135, by Sir Jack's












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