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Cheap Trick

Shoes are usually something you wouldn't want to skimp on. You get what you pay for and thus, a cheap pair of kicks could leave you limping by the end of the day. But these Vans-style slip-ons, crafted from 100-percent cotton canvas, feature a cushiony rubber sole and padded heel collar--a blessing for those planning on going sockless. Grab a pair in a light color (or pattern like this) and watch your legs get instantly tanner. Then in
two months, after they've endured enough sweat and scuffs, toss 'em and
feel good about getting your 20 bucks worth. $20 (on sale), at Old Navy.

  • Vans slip-ons surged in popularity when So-Cal surfer Jeff Spicoli, wore a pair of checkerboard Vans in the1982 cult classic "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

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Cheap Trick

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