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Rain Jackets

Even though the summer weather means it's usually hot as balls outside, we also happen to find ourselves in the midst of storm season. Which means fat drops of rain, bursts of wind and sudden drops in temperature at a moments notice. What you don't want is a heavy, bonded trench coat, obviously. But a lightweight jacket that's resistant to foul weather yet still breathable enough to keep you from overheating sounds pretty good, right? From featherweight windbreakers and shirt jackets to water-resistant blazers, there are a handful of smart options out there, utilizing tech-geekery to keep you dry and smart, tailored designs to keep you sharp looking.

Isaora, $425 / $255


$128 /




$198 /


& Unke
$109 /

    According to the National Weather Service, there are approximately 1,800 thunderstorms occurring on Earth at any given time.