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Summer Brew

When it comes to beer, the Fourth of July is America's biggest holiday in terms of sales. Bigger than Memorial Day, St. Patrick's Day or even the Super Bowl. It makes sense—there's nothing like cracking open a cold one on a particularly hot day. Plus, America and beer go together like, well, beer and barbecue. With that in mind, we've assembled a few crisp craft domestics that are sure to bring you some summertime refreshment.


It's easy to see the appeal of these cold-fermented, amber brews. Smooth and easy-drinking with a hoppy tang, they're ideal for hot days and spicy foods.

Three to Try:

Anchor California Lager, Sierra Nevada Summerfest, Session Premium Lager


The delicate balance between a robust bitterness and bright, fresh bursts of lemon and evergreens make these golden cervezas the ultimate barbecue beer.

Three to Try:

Modus Hoperandi, Brooklyn Brewery East India Pale Ale, 21st Amendment Brew

Wheat Beer

With a touch of subtle sweetness and aromas of spices and citrus, these sometimes cloudy straw-colored beers are known for their thirst-quenching quality.

Three to Try:

Leinenkugel's Sunset Wheat, Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat, Allagash White

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