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The bracelet Singer's been wearing since May.

$15 by Matt Singer

A Summer Fade

It's clear that this is the summer of bracelets. And you can't get more traditional than the classic white sailor's knot bracelet. But designer Matt Singer has a talent for twisting the traditional into something more modern and unique, so his version of the timeless Turk's head bracelet is black—but it won't stay like that for long. Dyed with natural vegetable dye, the bracelet is made to slowly fade during  the course of the summer, from a jet black to a worn navy blue, not unlike your favorite pair of jeans. What's more, it's so affordable that you won't even mind having to cut it off by the time fall rolls around.

  • A Turk's head knot is often used to mark the "king spoke" of a ship's wheel.



A Summer








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