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How to
Fold the pants together and cut both legs off just under the knee. This isn't the final cut, so don't worry about uneven hems or imperfect cuts.
Try them on and cuff each leg to the desired length. Take them off, smooth onto a flat surface, aligning all the seams and hems, then snip across in even cuts.
Gather the new hem and rub to loosen threads. Pull out or snip any long strands. Toss them in the washer for a soft, frayed edge.
Summer Survival Skills

Make Your
Own Shorts

Comfortable, easy and uncomplicated—these are the hallmarks of simple summer style. You ditch the unnecessary (see: layers and socks) and one could argue that these days, pant legs would be classified as superfluous. Cut-offs make the perfect solution. They're not the baggy, ill-fitting shorts of your youth. Cut from old khakis or fine-wale cords, the fit is trim, which gives them a more grown up feel but the frayed edges give it a rumpled, casual air. Michael Bastian, who's included a pair of cut-offs in nearly every one of his collections, often sports them with some loafers and a well-washed oxford. You can grab a pair of pre-fab shorts from his Gant collection, but why not take matters into your own hands? Chances are, you've got a pair of pants just waiting to be reborn.

If I lived further south, I'd wear them everyday.
- Michael Bastian

Cut-offs, $88
by Gant by Michael Bastian




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