• Michael Phelps, who is eyeing a record 8 gold medals in Beijing, shaves his entire body the day before any big race.

{07.17.08} Test Lab


When you've got hair on your back, taking your shirt off in public is no day at the
beach. And the last thing you're going to do is turn to your roommate, friend or significant
other and say, "Can you do my back?" Which is why Brett Marut invented the ManGroomer, a DIY electric shaver for men. The Valet team tested out the folding, telescoping shaver and though we're
not a hirsute bunch, we thought it'd be perfect for errant hairs and keeping your neck clean
between haircuts. One tester found he lacked the hand-eye-coordination to fully tackle
his wolf-man neck. Another smoothed his back but thought the device was a
bit too loud. I tackled a few spots on my shoulder blades and above my
boxer line. It worked so well, I used it to trim my tiny patch of
chest hair too. In short, the ManGroomer's got your back.
$40 at Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target stores and
(with free shipping) from Amazon.