$175, available later this month, at Farinelli's

Wolf vs. Goat

Stylish DC shopkeep Mauro Farinelli has gained a reputation in the industry for his unflinching honesty and his encyclopedic knowledge of high-end denim and cult brands. Both of which are injected into his new house line, the quirkily-named Wolf vs.Goat. A longtime fan of workwear (and stockist of such brands as Engineered Garments, Woolrich Woolen Mills and Buzz Rickson), he's blending that aesthetic with a refined tailoring tradition. "I'm really drawn towards color, so you'll see a lot more Italian-tailored style meshing with workwear, in fabrics by Thomas Mason and Monti." The first piece in the American-made line is this crisp tattersall shirt. A self-described foodie, Farinelli cut them in two self-explanatory fits: Before-Dinner and After-Dinner. Production's limited to about 30 of each style, and with features like vintage, one-of-a-kind mother of pearl buttons and a hidden "doobie pocket" inside the chest pocket, the collection is sure to leave you ravenous. - Jian DeLeon

  • The two-tone cloth pattern is named after Richard Tattersall's horse market in 18th century London. It was originally used in blankets made to cover horses.



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Wolf vs. Goat

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