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Summer Survival Skills

The Waterside Kit

After receiving a handful of questions (along with seeing a few ill-prepared men hanging around the pool), we thought this checklist might serve as a handy guide for the items every grown man should have when in close proximity to the water. Get these four right and you'll need little else. You'll also be guaranteed a good time.

A Better Towel
That means no team logos, cartoon characters or bleach spots. And if you have the means, invest in a linen towel from brands like Deck Towel or Anichini. They absorb more water, dry quicker and don't pick up as much dirt or sand. Oh, and they look cool too.

Linen towel, from $85 by Deck Towel

We're not suggesting these for the sake of your eyes. But yes, they'll protect your eyes from UV rays and sure, they'll help you look stylish when you're wearing little else. You'll want these so you can surreptitiously scope out others wearing little else. Nobody likes a rubbernecker. These help maintain your cover.

Brighton sunglasses, $22 by I Ski

There's nothing worse that coating your body and face with a thick, oily sludge when it's hot as hell outside. But skip the SPF and you'll be feeling it for days. Grab a lightweight, oil-free sunblock like this one. And what's more, the formula is actually as greaseless and long-lasting as it claims.

Oil-Free Sun Guard, $10 by Jack Black

Swim Trunks
When you're over 21, it can sometimes feel a bit strange walking around in what's clearly a swimsuit, even if you're just headed to grab some lunch. These quick drying vintage-cut trunks, with their tab waistband and matte finish, can double as regular shorts. Bonus: no time wasted changing in and out of your suit.

$69 at J.Crew

  • Stick with the necessities: cash and ID. Leave your wallet at home or in the car.











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