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Lightweight Bombers

We've now entered into that auspicious time when brands are dropping the first batches of fall goods while stores are putting a slew of late summer merchandise on sale. And the lightweight bomber jacket falls squarely in the middle of both categories. Popularized by military pilots in the 1950s and given the Army-Navy specification number MA-1, the nylon jacket was a jet-age replacement for the heavier shearling-lined flight jacket. Today's versions are a little more modern, but just as macho. The military details have been toned down, the material softened and the silhouette slimmed. The result is an easygoing, breathable layering piece that's easy to pull on for cool summer evenings or rainy days, but isn't stifling or stuffy when the sun is shining.

Vince, $395 / $129


Ralph Lauren,


Wallace & Barnes,
$265 / $245


Club Monaco,


Brooks Brothers,
$228 / $137

    The original, standard issue MA-1 jacket was initially produced in two colors: sage green and midnight blue.











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