{08.13.09} Gear




Think your Facebook profile already has too many incriminating photos of you, glassy-eyed and glass-in-hand? Well, Sony's latest release may be responsible for even more (good luck on that next job interview). The Party-Shot dock is a robotic stand that swirls, zooms, tilts and pans to snap pictures at the precise moment something (allegedly) photo-worthy is happening. Meaning you don't have to miss out on shot-gunning a beer to capture all the fun—this little guy surreptitiously shoots whenever it detects faces and smiles. And since it spins a full 360 degrees, tilts 24 degrees and runs for up to 11 hours, they'll be plenty of proof your party was a blast. Clever? Yes. Just know that if we show up and see one, we may be leaving early.

$150, available in September, at Sony