{08.14.12} Fragrances

Four Forgotten Fragrances

There's no denying how impactful scent is on your memory. In fact, Duke University researchers found that the part of the brain that processes scents is indeed a key part of forming long-term memories. Perhaps that's why old school cologne is so appealing—it's nostalgia in a bottle. And the bonus is that most are classic scents that work on a range of guys (and cost a lot less than the new releases). Herewith, four fragrances that might've been off your radar, but are definitely worth a look.

Pinaud Clubman

A true barbershop smell (because this is actual stuff old school chop shops use), it's a potent mix of citrus and florals grounded with a hearty and woodsy musk. But beware: This is an old school aftershave, which means it's heavy on the alcohol.

$7, at Amazon

Old Spice

Before the viral videos, this buoy-shaped bottle was known as the quintessential American cologne. While the initial burst is a shock of cinnamon, sage and orange peel, it fades to a subtle musk with hints of cedar and vanilla.

$8, at Target

Eau Sauvage

This lightweight fragrance by Christian Dior has a refined, grassy scent (thanks to the vetiver) mixed with earthy herbs like rosemary and basil. Grown up, though not stuffy, it's definitely a rich scent, but it's not overpowering. And even after five decades, it's still the number three selling cologne in France.

$42, at Amazon

Acqua di Gio

Inspired by the Mediterranean islands, this fresh, sporty scent might've been played-out for some in their youth. But the clean, bergamot and jasmine-tinged cologne is a crowd pleaser.

$60, at Nordstrom

    Keep it Subtle: Just a reminder that some of these old school scents are more, shall we say, aggressive than most of the colognes released these days. Remember, it's a personal fragrance, not an air freshener for the whole room.