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The silk knit tie is a timeless piece that every man should have in his sartorial arsenal. They're decidedly dressed up without ever feeling too stuffy. They work with nearly anything you can throw at it—from suits and tweed blazers to rumpled oxford shirts and beat-up jeans. Lands' End sells a handsome and durable version in the perfect 2 3/4 inch width and in a range of nine colors (we're partial to the navy, olive green and burnt orange). The snag-resistant silk thread is yarn-dyed and then knit in Italian mills while the ties themselves are hand sewn here in the United States. Hold one of the finished ties in your hand and you wouldn't detect many differences between these and designer offerings that cost more than twice as much. And for even more savings, buy three and get five bucks off each one.

$59.50 at Lands' End

Knit ties should be kept in a drawer, folded in half and rolled. If you hang a knit tie, it will ultimately stretch out.
Andy Tarshis, Tiecrafters