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The Danish Modern Den

replica chair,
$550 at

We're big believers that your personal style should complement the way you live. And right now, that style lends itself to a look that's tailored and timeless. The same could be said for the clean lines and retro feel of Danish Modern design, currently enjoying a revival with a whole new generation of design buffs. The storied style was born soon after World War II, when Danish designers started focusing on form and developed simple, handsome furniture that was ergonomically comfortable. The wood craftsmanship of the furniture reflects a traditional, handmade sturdiness while still maintaining a sharp, modern flair. And while the apex of Danish Modern came in the '50s and '60s, the recent reboot has included everything from such iconic pieces as the swan chair by Danish designer Arne Jacobsen, to sleek American-made pieces like a walnut coffee table by Radius. There's a decidedly throwback feel to the style, but the individual pieces are neutral enough to allow you to add your own touch without going for the full Thom Browne effect. Herewith, a few striking pieces to give your place a sharp shot of graceful masculinity.

- Josh Beard

Walnut coffee table,
$556 by Radius

Nixon sofa,
$1,899 by Thrive

Media console,
$699 by
West Elm

Vintage side table,
$550 at Danish Modern LA

    An original piece from the 1950s.
Arne Jacobsen originally designed his signature swan and egg chairs
for the lobby of the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.