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Brad Goreski is the best dressed man in reality TV. As the lone male assistant of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe on Bravo's sleeper hit, The Rachel Zoe Project, he's often seen tugging at the hem of actresses like Jennifer Garner, clad in the best from Michael Bastian, Thom Browne and Band of Outsiders.

The Rachel Zoe Project, season 2, premieres Monday, Aug. 24th, 10 pm EST


How'd life change after season 1?

There's the odd instance that someone stops me and wants  me to text their girlfriend or boyfriend, which is crazy. But the day job remains the same.

Rachel Zoe


Your style's got a preppy, east-coast vibe. What's your take on LA style?

I do tend to look like fish out of water sometimes in LA. It's buttoned-up and yet, that's breaking the rules here. You should see the looks I get at the gym, the way some guys look at me when I'm coming out on my way to work.


How much crap do you get for the time you cried?

Every once and a while, someone comes up and is like, 'You need a thicker skin' and I'm like, come on, it was one time, and it was a long time coming! But I'm can report there have been no tears shed since.


What can we expect from this season?

You'll see a lot more of what we do just day-to-day, from the travel to the awards season. Being the three of us, it's always two against one. So I think the audience will be wondering, who's out of the loop this week?




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Brad Goreski

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