{08.24.12} Skin Care


The newest grooming products designed for men are tackling a handful of guy-specific skin problems in a less-is-more approach. That is, less products but with more benefits. It sounds too good to be true, but some are really delivering on those promises. Here are three that have gotten the green light from us.

BB Tinted Moisturizer

A soothing cream that moisturizes while it clears up irritated or sunburned skin. The slight tint (which can be off-putting at first, but doesn't feel or look like makeup) evens blotchy patches and the SPF protects from further damage.

$38, by Lab Series

Foaming Multi-Gel

A moisturizing gel that cleanses and hydrates skin while also serving as a highly lathering shaving foam that results in a quick, smooth shave that keeps redness and irritation to a minimum.

$19, by Kiehl's

Dark Spot

This potent new serum visibly reduces redness and dark spots caused from past breakouts, while evening out skin tone and smoothing out your skin's texture. And bonus, it helps combat post-shave ingrown hairs.

$50, by
Clinique for Men












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