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Modern Minimalism

As one of the founding partners of Rag & Bone and also a successful model, Nathan Bogle has spent plenty of time in the trenches of the fashion world. Working with both high-end luxury labels and more mainstream brands has given him a dual appreciation for great fits and quality fabrics along with a pragmatic approach to personal style and building a wardrobe. Last year, he launched his line Jardine with a "less is more" approach and it's quickly gaining steam with modern guys who've responded to the cool, understated pieces that are anything but basic. The brand just opened its site to ecommerce, so we hit up Bogle for his thoughts on why minimalism doesn't have to be cold or boring.

Keep It Simple

My style is pretty simple and straightforward, but I've always believed you should spend a bit more to get something you really love, that's made to last. Because when you strip something back, it's essential that everything is on-point. Quality, for me, is always important in both construction and fabric, so the garment lasts and you can get a lot of wear out of it.

Foundation Pieces

I like to design essentials that are the base for your wardrobe—with a slight classic vibe and a contemporary fit—those are the clothes I like to wear. For example, I have the perfect pea coat from Agnès B. that I bought back in '96 and it still looks, feels and wears great. That's what I'd like to hear someone say in 2023—that they bought a Jardine leather jacket a decade ago and it's still great.


Varsity jacket, $625

A Minimalistic Benefit

The simplicity is timeless and refined. Strip away the clutter and you notice the lines of a garment better. You appreciate the precision and workmanship. I think dressing in a minimalist style speaks volumes about a person—understated elegance is just very cool to me. I've quoted it before because it's so right on: Leonardo Da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."

    The majority of Jardine's pieces are made in New York City's garment district.











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