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Scale the Peak

Long the province of dinner jackets and double-breasted suits, peak lapels are creeping more and more into single-breasted jackets and sport coats these days—making them simpler to wear without losing any of their cool continental style or commanding presence. A peak lapel gives the illusion of a longer torso and broader shoulders, and when combined with today's more tailored fits, the style visually punches up your silhouette. From Banana Republic's lightweight wool suit to the textured jackets by Gant Rugger or Suitsupply, these single-breasted peaks show an attention to detail that elevates a man above the merely dressed. It's a sign of a guy who sweats the details and looks all the better for it.

- Charles Shoultz

    Avoid three-button peak lapel jackets, as they can make you look boxy. A two-button style creates a more streamlined shape.



the Peak








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