A Knot (and Blog) to Know
Andrew Roidoulis started his blog, Eight-in-Hand, simply to catalog his growing collection of vintage ties, but he's quickly garnered an audience inspired by his color and texture pairing. He frequently utilizes a little-known knot known as the Oriental or simple knot. "Ties of an older vintage are generally a good deal shorter than those produced today," says Roidoulis. "A small, simple knot gives me the extra length I require and is definitely useful for the bulky wool ties."
Berg & Berg

Looking to make simple, well-made and timeless ties, this Norwegian brand specializes in classic patterns handcrafted by Italian craftsmen in Naples.

Unlined cotton/silk, $50 (on sale)

The New Names
in Ties

With more and more guys willingly knotting up these days, it's no wonder that there's a boom in neckwear labels. Here are three to keep on your radar this fall.


Michael Hitsman, the son of a tailor, was frustrated by the lack of decent American-made ties, so he's now making his own that have a vintage feel with a modern edge.

Olive corduroy, $95

White Horse

This Rocky Mountain-based Etsy shop uses utilitarian fabrics (duck cloth, denim, linen and deadstock wool blankets) for ties with a rugged, roguish charm.

Pendleton serape blanket, $125




The New
Names ...








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