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Library Leather, $39
by Restoration Hardware

Unionmade's KML, $30
by Baxter of California

Burning Man

Some guys are a little put off by the idea of candles in their home. But these are usually dudes with apartments that smell like leftover take-out, unwashed gym bags and bad cologne. Any gentleman who's spent some time at the better men's shops or a well-appointed hotel will appreciate the subtle but effective environmental improvement that a good candle provides. And this time of year, when you want to embrace the coming fall season (but it's still a bit too warm to start going layer-crazy), a hearty scent with hints of campfires, leaf piles, cut wood and leather really satisfies. Your place will smell good and your boys won't bust your chops. If they ask you what the scent is, tell them it's "Napalm in the Morning."

  • A candle manufacturer is traditionally known as a chandler.

Toumbac Candle, $45
by APC

Tobacco + Sandalwood, $22
by Sydney Hale












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