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Bi-fold wallet,

    Il Bussetto was founded in Milan, Italy in 2004.

Fans of Il Bussetto, the Italian leather brand, are kind of like devotees of another cult brand—Apple. They buy the brand exclusively, extoll the virtues of each product and explain that while they may be similar to others on the market, it's what goes into each individual component that truly separates them from their competitors. And you know what? They're right. Drawing on knowledge handed down through centuries of Italian artisans, Il Bussetto specializes in leather goods hand crafted using traditional methods to create pieces with little to no seams. So how do they do it? The leather is first cut and submerged in water. It's then shaped around wooden molds to dry. A few days later, the leather is then hand-painted and brushed with a heated iron called a "bussetti" to seal in a finishing wax. The final step involves a lengthy, rigorous buffing. The results are not only aesthetically original, but also sturdy and hardwearing. Perhaps those so-called fanboys are onto something.


Credit card wallet, $48


Seamless card case, $58