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You've come a long way since your middle school crush wrote "4-EVA" on your canvas Jansport. But there's no denying the practicality and comfort of a roomy backpack when it comes to lugging your gear. Enter the Fjallraven Kanken. This Swedish beauty will fit all your stuff—from books and a laptop, to gym clothes and a canteen, to a Dopp Kit and some weekend wear. It comes in a range of colors, but we'd suggest one in gray or black—it'll hold up better against the elements and the whims of fashion alike. About $60 at Tamarack Outdoors. - Patrick Ryan

Shoulder the

Avoid back pain by packing the heaviest items in the bag closest to your back, and wear both straps to distribute weight evenly across your shoulders. (Source: MedicineNet)




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The Expertly Packed Carry-On


What should I pack for my first business trip?

- Matt, OH


With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee nowadays, if you can get away with flying with just a carry-on, do it.

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