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Fall Florals

Floral prints have been growing on guys lately but historically, they're known as a hallmark of warmer weather. But did you ever think that some flowers bloom in the cold? This fall, a slew of shirting options in darker, subdued tones and patterns is making it easy to dip your toe into the sartorial garden. It's less of a big bloom; more of a smart touch of distinction. The small prints and darker colors make them applicable for the office, and ideal for layering. In fact, that's what makes these buds so simple to wear. Tuck the shirt under a pullover when the mercury drops, or complement it with a solid tie peeking out from behind a relaxed jacket or cardigan. In any case, these quiet fall florals can clock in as a both a foundation and eye-catching aspect of your cold weather kit. But keep in mind, any bold print is something you'll want to use in moderation—one piece at a time gents.

- Gregory Babcock

    Liberty of London, known for their floral prints and popular collaborations, has been one of the United Kingdom's top luxury retailers since 1875.



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