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Unlined blazer, $825, by L.B.M. 1911 (available at Avedon, Beverly Hills)

Wool Blazer, $2,295
by Isaia

Having a Moment

Stick That
in Your Lapel

It's often said that menswear moves in millimeters not inches, meaning that the changes in styles and trends are much smaller than that of our female counterparts. And really, you can't get much smaller than the latest item currently enjoying a reinvention—the lapel buttonhole. Stylish gents, taking cues from dapper Milanese men have started stuffing small knit flowers, leather tabs and silk knots into the buttonhole on a jacket's left lapel. Unlike say, a pocket square that has roots in practicality, this is purely ornamental. Affected? Perhaps. Interesting? Definitely. To get a jump on the trend, you have a few options. You could buy a jacket from such Italian labels as Isaia or L.B.M. 1911, both of which come with signature lapel pins. Or you simply buy the baby boutonnieres themselves and affix them to your favorite jacket. Nashville's JandHP makes a handful of stylish options or simply thread through one of your silk knot cufflinks.

Navy plaid lapel flower, $9 by JandHP

Silk knots, $9.50 by J.Press

Yellow knit flower, $15 by JandHP

Felt bouton-
niere, $18 by Piece of Peace

  • JandHP is run by husband and wife team,
    Jonathan and Holly Powell.



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