{10.04.12} Skin Care

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The Instant Fix

The Promise

Anthony Logistic's Instant Fix ($28, at Amazon) absorbs excess grease on contact to "keep shine at bay all day and reduce the appearance of pores." Silica sops up oil while glycerin helps balance skin's natural moisture.

The Trial

Even though we're leaving the dog days of summer behind us, that doesn't mean that our mugs don't get oily or shiny. Squeeze a pea-sized dollop of this citrus-scented gel cream onto a finger and rub into your face and neck. You can apply it after your morning moisturizer or simply use it as needed throughout the day.

The Results

In short, the stuff works as advertised. It smoothes on easily, absorbs quickly and keeps your face looking natural and shine-free for most of the day. Some testers did feel they needed to reapply at night. But it's not sticky and it does seem to smooth out your complexion without the addition of color or anything that feels remotely like makeup. So, if you're up for adding one more simple step to your routine, this will definitely keep you looking cool.

    Anthony Logistics donates a portion of every sale to prostate cancer research.











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