{10.07.09} Trends

  • Engineered Garments is named after a pattern maker remarking that the clothes were "more engineered than designed."

Martin + Osa, $60

Having a Moment

The Knit Vest

In the matrix of menswear, this fall's knit vests—wool waistcoats that button rather than sweater vests—fall squarely in the center of it all. They add a layer of polish to tie everything together, yet they're comfortable and relaxed enough for Sunday brunch. There's no silky back or tabs to cinch, just an easy and uncomplicated way to add some texture and warmth before sweater season hits full force. Some, like Martin + Osa's contrast placket vest are as simple as a sleeveless cardigan while others, like Engineered Garments' heftier argyle, add a bit of dimension under a jacket.

Engineered Garments
$161 at Context

Wings + Horn
$132 at Blackbird

Steven Alan