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Enduring Classic

The Gap Oxford

There's a reason why every man should have an oxford cloth shirt in his closet. Slip the right one on and you'll instantly look put-together while feeling as though you're wearing nothing more than your favorite T-shirt. It is the everyman's shirt. For me, that go-to oxford has always been from the Gap. And with Patrick Robinson at the helm, this classic's now even better. The fit is dead on: tapered, not tight and not too long, should you want to leave it untucked. The butter soft cotton has been washed for softness, but oxford cloth isn't a thin fabric by any means—which is why it makes for such a great base for whatever you wear this fall. $44.50, at Gap

- Cory Ohlendorf

  • Don't dry clean your oxfords. Wash them yourself with your regular laundry. If you want them wrinkle-free for work, take them out of the dryer just before they're fully dry and hang them up.