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Roll On

Even in this over-digitized world, there comes a time when you need to put pen to paper. Maybe it's a thank-you note or a personal card, or maybe you just don't want to enter another damn note into your smartphone. After all, it's been proven that writing something down will help you better retain the thought. Which is why every man needs a good pen. Not some fancy, oversized fountain pen but rather the workhorse of all writing implements—the ballpoint pen. They work by dispensing an oil-based ink through a rolling hard sphere, usually made of steel or brass. The ballpoint is an easy remedy to the smudgy residue of the fountain and rollerball pens. The sharp looking, slim styles featured here come from long-standing makers of quality writing pieces and will last a lot longer than the ones you steal from banks or the office. Not to mention, these are also refillable which gets rid of the task of constantly replacing what will become your favorite everyday pen. In addition to being a quality writing tool, they come in a variety of colors which gives that sprezzatura understatement when sticking out of your jacket pocket.

- Vince Granado

It's the best way to get someone's attention. It's meaningful and it's a pretty good sign of character.
- Ted Harrington of Terrapin Stationers on handwritten notes







Roll On








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