{10.12.10} Skin Care


Test Lab

Tough Stuff

The Promise

By using MenScience's newly reformulated Mircrofine Face Scrub ($29), you can get clearer, smoother skin in just a few minutes.

The Trial

The unscented cream comes out of the tube like a mousse—whipped and frothy—which makes slathering it on easier than other brands which often begin dripping off immediately. We used it at night (every other day) and, on our third try, in the morning before shaving. Three kinds of spa-grade buffer beads slough off dead skin while glycolic and sallicyllic acid work to dislodge gunk from pores. Just rub gently for about 60 seconds and then splash your face with water.

The Results

After just three applications, skin was noticeably softer and any ruddiness left over from summer sunburns was gone. The AM application prepped skin for an ideal shave—a trouble spot on the neck which often ends up red and irritated was smooth and clear. But despite being gentler on skin than any other scrub we've tried, it still left skin a bit tight, so make sure to follow up with some moisturizer.