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Snap (shot) Judgment

Three new cameras high in quality but low in price have just hit the market. Here's a quick and dirty assessment of how the anticipated point-and-click products measure up.

Kodak Zi6

The Good: The pocket camcorder is bulkier than Mino's Flip, but it has a memory-card expansion slot and shoots in 720p video—meaning you could use it for more than just YouTube vids.
The Bad: You can't recharge batteries via the USB and its software isn't Mac compatible.
The Price: $180 at Kodak.

Pentax Optio E60

The Good: Known for high-end film cameras, Pentax's digitals are often overlooked. The inch-thick E60's shake-reduction makes it ideal for action shots (or self-taken Facebook pics).
The Bad: It's powered by two AA batteries—even the rechargeable kind won't last you very long.
The Price: $140, at Amazon.com.

Olympus Stylus
1050 SW

The Good: The tough Stylus series (shock, water and freeze proof) was updated with touch-contols that work by tapping the top or sides of the camera's body.
The Bad: It comes in a range of silly colors. No one needs a camera in "champage."
The Price: $260, at NewEgg.com.




Snap (shot) Judgment

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