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{10.16.08} Fragrances

Reserve Label

Ralph Lauren, the master of making classics current, is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Polo fragrance by twisting his own traditions. Polo Modern Reserve, out this month, is crafted in the essence of the original like a special vintage. Though where the Polo you knew growing up was a gentile blend, the 2008 version is a bit heartier with notes of crisp herbs, leather and wood. Like breathing in the sweet scent of a humidor. The reinterpretation is supposed to connect with today's male—sons of the original Polo fans. Seems like a smart plan. After all, heritage is the name of the game in menswear right now. Shouldn't the same be for men's cologne? $62.50, at Sephora. $200 for limited numbered edition, at select department stores.