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Part of growing up is that you realize that you actually want quality bedding. Too much valuable time is spent in bed to be surrounded by crap. Of course, it's not easy. Duvet? Comforter? Bed spread? A man's bed should be attractive, masculine and above all else, practical. And you don't get more masculine or more practical than a wool camp blanket. The best-known, or at least best-loved, is the Hudson's Bay point blanket. The Canadian company has been producing them since George Washington was in office. In fact, the blankets were so important to survival and comfort back in the day, they were actually used as currency between early settlers and Native Americans. Today's blankets are made in England with wool selected to help create a warm, water-resistant blanket that's both strong and soft. The wool is dyed before it's spun and then air-dried in the sun to brighten the colors. That kind of quality doesn't come cheap, but eBay has some great deals on vintage blankets and you can often find sales at authorized dealers like Hanks Clothing in upstate New York. Woolrich is the only official American importer though, and offers every size and color in the Hudson's Bay range.

  • Want to know more about Hudson's Bay? A new book chronicles the brand's rich history, with a foreword by Vanity Fair's Graydon Carter. $65 by Assouline
It's called the "point blanket" because of the point system—small lines are stitched onto the blanket's side to denote its size (rather than unfolding and measuring).











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