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Gold Toe, $9

J.Crew, $17


Nordstrom, $17

(Photos: Tommy Ton)

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In the Navy

There's no question that what's left of those summer-tanned ankles are now in need of some cover. The real question is what socks should you be wearing with your fall footwear. You could match them to whatever pants you're pulling on that morning or you could go with some popular stripes, but lately we're feeling plain old navy socks. They're simple. No muss, no fuss. And contrary to what we all may've thought in the past, a pair of navy socks complement nearly any color or fabric. Plus, they add a quiet, continental flair to whatever you're wearing as seen in these photos shot by Tommy Ton on the streets of Florence.

    Tried and True: These are some of the best socks we've found in terms of comfort and durability.