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Crewneck, $120

Everlane Cashmere

By cutting out the middleman and delivering quality made goods straight from the factory to customers, Everlane is known for offering luxe goods at near wholesale prices. They started with staples like T-shirts, moved onto button-downs, belts and bags, and now produce limited edition seasonal pieces like their new and improved cashmere sweaters, launching today.

V-Neck, $120

After comparing countless varieties of wool, gauges and finishes, the brand decided on this fine but sturdy 12-gauge knit from a cozy, top grade cashmere made from long fibers that won't easily pill. They then had the sweaters constructed at a factory that crafts knits for fashion houses which sell their sweaters for three or four times as much. The result is an impressively crafted sweater for a little more than a hundred bucks. Cut in classic silhouettes with a tailored fit in the arms and torso, you can choose from more timeless crew and V-neck styles in a range of rich, seasonal colors or wait a few weeks for the hoody version (available in navy, grey or black), which is dropping on November 18.


    Cashmere comes from the under down wool shed by goats in the Gobi Desert. It takes one goat four years to grow enough for one sweater.











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