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The Glove Spectrum

Cooler weather and drier air can take its toll on your hands. And while there are a variety of products that help restore your skin's suppleness, we think the best offense is a good defense. So we found the season's best gloves in a range of prices. Because the digits in your bank account are as important as the ones on your hands. - Jian DeLeon


Dots for OC, $30

Offering the ability to use smart phones with a touch screen without having to go fingerless, saving you from cold, dried-out cuticles.

Pendleton, $50

In plaid or their trademark Native American patterns. Water resistant, they're ideal for slinging snowballs or wiping windshields.

Orvis, $59

Get more love out of your gloves with these moisture-wicking deerskin ropers. Bonus: the windproof Barber fleece lining is removable.

Ralph Lauren, $88

Inspired by racers and hunters, this quilted glove is lined with Thinsulate-fortified lambswool while the outside remains rugged yet classy.

Belstaff, $160

Lined in wool, the Italian leather glove's coin pocket is a convenient place to stash something. Provided you don't lose gloves easily.




The Glove

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