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Enduring Classic

The Shetland Sweater

Shetland is a wool produced by a breed of small sheep native to Scotland's Shetland Isles. And while it's often used for sturdy tweed fabrics, the wool—distinctive for its strength, fineness and rustic charm—is perhaps best known for the traditional Shetland sweaters. Many of the classic styles, like this one from O'Connell's, are still knit in Scotland using traditional techniques while some, like Brooks Brothers' have been washed for softness, and others like the throwback style from Wallace & Barnes boast vintage-inspired details like suede elbow patches and garter stitching. Whatever style you choose, opt for a bold color to brighten an otherwise dark winter wardrobe.

O'Connell's, $165


Brooks Brothers, $128


Wallace & Barnes, $128


L.L. Bean, $50


Jack Spade, $195


The Softest Shetland

The J.Press Shaggy Dog sweater is lightweight, warm and scratch-free. It's the brainchild of Irving Press, son of the brand's founder, who first thought of combing the wool to give the Shetland sweater its unique texture.

$195 / $146 at J.Press












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