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Gifts That Really Deliver

There's always one person on your list that's nearly impossible to shop for—either they want for nothing or simply don't drop any helpful hints. In these cases, even the best gift guides will do little to help you. What these people require is a service-based gift. After all, who would turn their nose up at house-cleaning or a monthly shirt drop?

J.Crew's Shirt of the Month Club

Just give the recipient's size, and J.Crew's buyers send out a seasonal selection each month. It's not a cheap present, but it averages out to be about $57 a shirt, which isn't a bad deal at all.

$695, available by calling 866.739.5944

A Cleaning Service

Like giving a gym membership, you want to ensure that you're not implying that they need this. But who wouldn't appreciate a team of professionals armed to take on household dirt and the daily debris that builds up over time? Request a quote online or simply give a set amount—the maids can determine how much they clean on your dime.

Available at Merry Maids

Monthly Flowers

Each month, when a bouquet is delivered fresh from the grower, they'll be reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness. The fact that every bloom is certified organic, sustainable and farmed under fair-trade practices is an added bonus.

From $140, at Organic Bouquet

Other Monthly Services to Give:

Gym Membership, Cigars, Wine, Candy