{11.29.12} Skin Care

    Buckler's is not tested on animals and is certified vegan.

Winter Skin Remedy

'Tis the season for chapped knuckles, rough elbows, itchy legs and otherwise cracked, miserable skin—that is, if left unprotected. After all, between the elements outside, dry heated air inside (and excessive holiday drinking), the winter season can be pretty harsh on skin. And while adding a hand cream is definitely a smart idea, we especially like Buckler's Chapped Skin Remedy because of its easy, all-in-one application. Our editors have been using the nutrient-loaded cream since we first kicked the tires on the all-weather formula last year. Packed with such calming, moisturizing ingredients as aloe, shea butter and chamomile, it works on everything from hands and feet to your body and even rough, irritated patches on your face. All without a tell-tale smell or leaving you all sticky or shiny. The thick, heavy-duty cream takes about 45 seconds or so to absorb, but once it does, you're free to put on your clothes or handle your iPhone without fear of slipping and sliding. And best of all, a little goes a long way.

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