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There are times when you need a sweater that's a little more rugged than your average cardigan. Something stealthy, that keeps you warm while looking cool. San Francisco based Triple Aught Design is the master of products that perfectly mix looking sharp while being ready to conquer whatever badassery you have planned. Their Special Service Sweater is a prime example. Since the temperature has dipped, we've been test driving one in a number of environments (to great results). Styled after the traditional British Wooly Pully sweater, which has been standard issue for their special forces for decades, this modern take has a streamlined, athletic fit. Tailored but comfortable, it also fits nicely under a jacket without getting all bunched up. Knit from a hearty moisture-wicking merino wool, it has a high collar and a heavy-duty zipper along with reinforced elbows and shoulders. Put all of this together and it's tough to know why Daniel Craig didn't sport one while hunkered down at Skyfall ... we certainly would.

- Jon Gaffney

    Special forces, or "special ops," are military units highly-trained to perform unconventional, covert and often high-risk missions.

$235, by Triple Aught Design

Reinforced Shoulders
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