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Mark One

In truth, we'd take a well-made merino sweater over cashmere any day. You won't find a better workhorse for your winter wardrobe. Inspired by the understated collegiate sweaters of the 1960s, two dapper Ivy Leaguers set out to craft the ultimate merino sweater and we're just going to say it: they did just that. The brand is called Hillflint and their design aesthetic blends classic varsity styling (think raglan sleeves and wide crew neck collars) with a modern sensibility that results in a sweater that's slimmer throughout the arms and body to avoid the frumpy muffin-effect of most mass brand options. Dubbed the Mark One, no detail was overlooked. They even went with a less elastic waistband to reduce bunching and riding up. After months of testing wools of various weights, the guys decided to use an extra-fine Australian merino wool in a sturdy 7-gauge knit for its balance of warmth, softness and durability. Breathable yet still plenty insulating, it's hard-wearing as well extremely comfortable. Crafted in a state-of-the-art factory that also makes knitwear for high-end European brands, the sweater will only set you back $85. Meaning you get high-end quality without the sticker shock. Hillflint's Kickstarter campaign launched last month and they surpassed their $20,000 goal in less than 40 hours. But you've still got two weeks to get on board, back the project and score one of these sweaters for yourself.


Back the Project

Pledge $85 to score a sweater in your choice of three colors.

(End Date: Wednesday, December 18th
at 10:59 am EDT)


Their Inspiration

The guys caught up with Ed Heald, the 1968 Dartmouth grad in this Take Ivy photo, to talk about the sweater and campus style in the 1960s.












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