{12.10.08} Food & Drink

In Defense of:

We know it's hard to imagine enjoying wine that didn't come as the result of opening up a bottle—the satisfying sound of a cork popping and the clinking of glass as you pour. But you got over the screw-top thing. Could the box be next? Vaccum-sealed bags keep wine fresh for weeks, are more environmentally friendly and one box can yield up to four bottles-worth of booze. Which may explain why vinophiles are increasingly swapping the snobbery for the spigot.- Jordan Taylor


Black Box ($20-$25)

Merlot: The non-vintage variety had subtle notes of blackberry jam and even a slight chocolate finish.


Wine Cube ($10 - $16), at Target

Shiraz: A tart cherry flavor was grounded with hints of tobacco, making for a nice sipping wine.


French Rabbit ($10)

Chardonnay: This carton of white wine offered promise with fresh apple flavors paired with a warm vanilla aroma.


Cases of wine consumed last year in the United States. It was an all-time high and the largest growth is among 21-to-31-year-olds.