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A Winter Scent

This time of year calls for cologne that can stand up to bitter winds, long nights and lots of layers. Something dark, woody and masculine—the kind of grown up scent James Bond would spritz on before leaving the house. Well, an oud scent is just that. What's oud? Allow us to geek out for just a second: Oud (pronounced like food) is a dark, aromatic resin produced under the bark of an Agar tree. And when it comes to fragrances, the stuff is as old school as it comes. Name-checked in the Bible's Song of Solomon and used by the Ancient Egyptians, it's been a mainstay in Middle Eastern oils and incenses for centuries. But the scent was virtually unknown in the West until Tom Ford used it in 2002 for YSL's M7 cologne. Now, Ford uses it in his Private Blend collection and the sweet and smoky extract is popping up in a range of newer fragrances for men—from the Motley's peppery and Bourbon-tinged version to a leathery patchouli scent by Acqua di Parma.

The Motely,

Royal Oud

Tom Ford
Oud Wood

di Parma

Le Labo,

    Sales of oud fragrances rose 34 percent in 2012.

(Source: NPD Group)




A Winter








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