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Airport Style

Whether you're flying home to visit family, hitting the road to escape them or planning a new year's trip, there's no doubt this is a peak travel time. Which means it's a peak time for stress as well, because the airport isn't a pretty place to be these days. Literally. Just ask the guy trudging through the terminal in pajama bottoms, wearing a neck pillow as a collar and dragging a busted-up bag with a ratty ribbon tied around the handle. He's given up. Now, we're not saying that a good looking suitcase is going to relieve you of all your travel troubles, but a bag that's as stylish as it is practical could certainly help. Whether you're a duffle man or more of an upright kind of guy, these lightweight, durable carry-on bags will cleverly stash your stuff and keep you from having to wait at the baggage carousel. From tricked out designs like Rimowa's aluminum cases and Suitsupply's individual compartments for shoes, dopp kit and iPad, to pared-down options from Muji and an affordable all-leather option from Beckett Simonon, here are some of the best bags our team has tried.


Everlane, $95


Beckett Simonon, $280


Banana Republic, $298


Muji, $176


Lipault, $199


Rimowa, $930

with Ease

If you pack cleverly, equipped with the right shoes and gear, you can ease through the airport, and arrive in style. Here are some time-tested tips for a less tense trip.



The number of Americans that will take a year-end holiday trip this year.

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