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Rugby, $50 / $30

Winter Essential

Fingerless Gloves

When the weather really gets cold, gloves are something of a necessity. But there's nothing worse then having to yank off your gloves (and risk dropping one on a wet, slushy sidewalk) just to answer your phone, send a text or grab some change from your pocket. Fingerless gloves—an old friend of the rugged outdoorsman—have now become the utilitarian necessity of the urban man. They allow you to keep your hands warm while retaining your dexterity. And there are plenty of options available right now, from the cheap and cheerful striped pair by Merona to Rugby's throwback Cowichan knits and high-end cashmere and leather options from the likes of John Varvatos.

    Between 1890-1950, 90% of all gloves sold in the United States were made in Gloversville, New York.

Jack Spade, $65 / $50

Obey, $54

Merona, $12