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  • I grew a beard this summer and I've been using the same shampoo I use for my hair to wash it, but lately, my skin's been itching and flaking. Is there a special kind of shampoo I should use?

    - Sean, Chicago, IL

  • We can understand your logic—hair is hair, right? Unfortunately, that's not the case. Facial hair has a different texture as you've probably noticed, but more importantly, the skin underneath is a lot more sensitive than that of your scalp. Shampoo is made to strip the gunk and oil out of your hair, so using it to wash your face (or body) will likely be too drying. And facial cleansers often leave a sticky residue in your whiskers. We recommend Bluebeards Original Beard Wash, a special soap for hirsute hygiene made with aloe, honey, lime and ginger. Which means it not only soothes skin and softens hair, but it won't taste too bad when a few suds inevitably end up in your mouth.

    $14, at Grooming Lounge



You may not need a comb for your hair, but regularly combing your beard will keep the hair smooth and growing evenly. $9.50 at Grooming Lounge

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