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  • My skin's been itchy and dry this winter. I'm thinking I need to exfoliate, but I don't really understand it all. What's the deal with "sloughing"?

    - Jeff, Princeton, NJ

  • Sloughing, my good man, refers to the act of scrubbing off dead skin cells. And while it's not necessary (your body sheds them naturally), it will make you look and feel better. Think of it like mopping your floor. You're removing all the grit and grime and leaving a clean surface. Your skin will be smoother, brighter and you'll be less likely to itch or break out. Two notes of caution: Don't do this everyday (twice a week should be fine) and don't scrub too hard, let the product do the work.


What to use where


For All Over

Smoothes things out with oatmeal and bran.
Kiehl's Ulimate Man baricon, $12.50

For Face

A lightweight, gentle scrub for your mug.
Lucky Tiger scrub, $19


For Body

No need to have a loofa hanging in the shower.
Jack Black scrub & muscle soakicon, $35

For Feet

Give your heels a quick sanding before showering.
Swissco pumice stoneicon, $1.50




The number of skin cells that fall from your body every minute.

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