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  • My face gets oily quickly after washing. Late in the day it gets worse. What should I do?

    - Paul, Manila, Philippines

  • Oily skin can be a drag, but the mistake that most guys make is going overboard with harsh products. The skin's natural response to such irritation is to produce more oil. As they say, the best offense is a good defense, so here's a basic regimen to keep you from looking too slick.


How To


Dermatologists will tell you, cleansers are one place where you don't need to spend a lot since the product's only on your skin for less than a minute. Any facial soap will do, but a good (and affordable) option is Skin Effects Glycolic Cream Cleanser, which helps shed the dead skin that excess oil can get trapped under.


A gentle toner or astringent helps close pores and seal in moisture, thus convincing the skin that it's fully hydrated. Kiehl's makes a great one, but you can also use something as basic as witch hazel (which you can buy from the drug store for a few bucks at most).


The common mistake people with oily skin make is skipping the moisturizer. But the right one will help keep oil production in check. You can also use an oil-absorbing moisturizer, like Dermalogica's Oil Control lotion, which maintains a matte mug for most of the day.


For problem areas or for quick de-shining before a meeting or dinner, stock your desk drawer or bag with some blotting sheets, which physically soak up oil from the skin. There are fancier or more manly packages out there, but Clean & Clear's are inexpensive, fragrance-free and easy to use.



Men and women with oily skin tan more easily and evenly than those with drier skin.

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