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Scents of Spring

All winter you've embraced rich, substantial colognes. But come spring, you want something that's light, clean and refreshing. Here are four new scents made to take the heat.

Burberry Sport

Notes: Frozen ginger, grapefruit and wheatgrass.
Smells like: A gin and tonic on the wooden deck of a sailing yacht.
Made in: France

$57 at Nordstrom

Prada Infusion de Vétiver

Notes: Vetiver, purple ginger and black pepper.
Smells like: A mint julep in a cigar bar—herby, citrusy and slightly dark.
Bottle: Features archival Prada prints on the cap.

$54 (available in April at Barneys)

Polo Red, White & Blue

Notes: White wood, sage and red apple.
Smells like: An icy run down a snowy mountain (with hints of spice and soap).
Made in: United States

$53 from Ralph Lauren

John Varvatos Artisan Black

Notes: Coriander seed, blood orange and Tunisian neroli.
Smells like: An afternoon at Hemingway's cabin—rich woods mixed with citrus and leather.
Bottle: Black lacquered basket designed by Jon Cisler.

$78 from John Varvatos

  • Don't store cologne in the bathroom. The fluctuating temperature and humidity can spoil the "juice" and alter the scent.

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