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It’s Time for
New Bath Towels

It’s Time for New Bath Towels

Why? Because we all go too long before replacing them.

Best bath towels in 2024

You know the towels currently hanging in your bathroom? Can you remember when and where you got them? If you have to think too long, it's probably time to swap them out. We might not realize it, but we ask a lot of our bath towels. They should be dry, soft and absorbent when we're dripping after a shower, and ideally, they should be good looking while they're hanging there—out in the open—in a highly-trafficked room for the rest of the day.

All too often, our bath towels are resigned to be underrated afterthoughts. There it is, hanging limply on your towel bar or just flung over the shower rod. Don't you deserve better? Sure you do. So do your guests. For something you use everyday (and sometimes twice a day), it's worth making a conscious choice about which kind of towel suits your taste. Let me put it this way: The things you rub against your naked body should always be of the utmost quality.

Bath towels rated
Bath towels rated

Of course, there are a lot of considerations when upgrading your towels. Think back to some of your better hotel or spa experiences. Did you delight in the luxe squishiness of a thick, plush terrycloth towel? Perhaps you marveled at how a lightweight Turkish towel magically absorbed all that water or responded to a textural waffle-weave or bold color choice. The key is knowing what you like and then not being afraid to pay for quality. After all, cheap towels won't last. They'll turn into water-logged mildew traps or slowly disintegrate with each wash.

But since you buy towels in multiples, you want to be sure you're making the right choice. To help you out, we've rounded up the best options for your money. Towels that are strong and stylish, made from quality long-staple cotton, rather than synthetic fillers that might feel nice at first but fall apart quickly. Each towel here has been fully-vetted not to let you down.


The Best Towels
for Men in 2024

Best All-Around

Dubbing the collection “spa towels” is a bold move, but these live up to the moniker. They're fluffy and soft, made from long-staple Egyptian cotton with a soft hand and low-linting fibers (which means it not only feels luxurious, but also won't shed much). Then there are the finishes—stitched binding along the rounded edges and a locker loop for easy hanging—which provide even more polish.

Spa towel collection,
from $29 by Riley


These towels have a cult following for a reason. While they're soft and dense, they're still relatively light, but the crowning achievement is how fast they dry. And since they spend less time wet, they don't develop that mildewy smell after a few uses like most towels. That also means you can upgrade to the extra large “bathsheet” size, because even if you fold it or bunch it up on your towel rack, it can easily dry.

Air Weight organic bath towel collection,
from $48 by Coyuchi


These handsome towels are made to get as much water off you as quickly as possible. Made in the “towel-making capital of Japan,” the cotton has specially-formulated mino washi paper woven into it that wicks away moisture instantly, but still feels great against your skin. They're so absorbent, every towel must pass the “sink test”—meaning they must start sinking within five seconds of being placed in water.

Natural cotton towel set,
$65.90 (for three) by Imabari

Textural Towels

The waffle-weave on these towels not only help them look presentable for longer, but the extra surface area helps them grab the water from your skin and hair. Made with Supima long-staple cotton, it's incredibly lightweight—you can even see through the airy weave if you hold it up to the light. But that also helps them dry quickly while hanging too.

Waffle-weave bath towel set,
$75 by Onsen


Most Stylish

Is a plain towel too boring? Looking for something to elevate your bathroom? Baina is the brand known for contemporary, organic cotton towels that are as cozy as they are cool. They've got stripes and checkerboard patterns, but this particular design is inspired by zen gardens, complete with textured, curved ribs in a neutral clay colored hue. The fact that they're soft and incredibly durable seems like a bonus.

Cove organic cotton bath towel,
$80 by Baina

The Thinnest

If you don't care for the heaviness of a terry cloth towel or want something a little lighter, try a Turkish hammam style. The flat-woven towels are known for being light yet absorbent (and extremely fast-drying). Beware of the cheaper machine-made towels though. Oddbird's are made from a linen/raw-cotton blend and handwoven on traditional 100-year old shuttle looms in historic Turkey. A unique texture actually develops the more it's washed—becoming softer and more absorbent the longer you have it.

Asya handwoven Turkish towel,
$59 by Odd Bird


This towel is seriously so thick and weighty, it lives up to the “super-plush” label. Made from long-staple Turkish cotton, it remains extremely fluffy even after dozens of washes. But note, the thickness does mean it dries slower than other towels. But if you shower in the morning, it'll be dry by the next day.

Super-plush bath towel,
$89 / $75.65 by Brooklinen

Hot water laundry icon

Laundry Tips

Always wash bath towels separately from your regular clothing. Use warm water for colored towels and hot water for white towels. To soften the towels, you can use fabric softener, but only add it to every third or fourth wash to prevent buildup. Remember to give the towels a shake when taking them out of the washer to help fluff the terry loops in the dryer (which aids in absorbency).

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